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Saddle Tree Press Verstellmax® Vario 2020

-Possibility of adjustment in height. As a result, the pressure applied to different saddle sizes
is optimized. Adjustment and high security by pressure springs in the spar.

– Possibility of adjustment of the pressure elements at a distance from one another and thus free choice of the pressure point during widening and narrowing. This makes it easier to adjust the various types of saddles.

– Fixed mounting of all parts to allow the unit to be stretched or jammed. Thus, no searching/losing of the parts.

– High mobility due to low weight (+/- 33 kg) and two attached transport wheels. This simplifies relocation whether in the workshop or on the way to the customer.

– Changed guide rails, thus easy adjustment of the pressure plates.

– Fixable pressure due to knurled knurls, thus clamping of plastic trees without gullets, over a long period of time becomes possible.

– Cranked pressure plate and modified guide rails, thus more space when narrowing
saddles with a high fork and better adaptation to other saddle models.

– Easy removal of the new, adjustable front and rear lower adjustment.

One device. Everything You need.  Vario.